About Us?

Auditores Especializados en Hidrocarburos

We are a company dedicated to the inspection, maintenance and design and construction of your L.P. Gas installations. The safety and trust of our clients is the most important thing for us.

AEH is a class “C” Inspection Unit accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity in the Official Mexican Standards NOM-004 SEDG 2004 and NOM-013 SEDG 2002.

Our Work Philosophy

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Inspect, build and maintain L.P. Gas installations. of our clients to guarantee the safety of their production processes and the continuity of their businesses.

To be the company that understands, adapts and offers fast and reliable solutions to meet the inspection needs and best-connected facilities of our clients.

Security, Trust, Honesty, Professionalism, Commitment.

Our services

We offer you an Opinion for each of the stages of your business in the industrial, commercial or residential sector.

We have and put at your service a duly accredited work team with extensive experience in the field, to guarantee the safety of your L.P. Gas installations. of any type: industrial, commercial or residential.

Our team of technical experts are engineers evaluated and accredited by the EMA and approved by federal institutions such as the DGN and the ASEA.

Dictum in NOM-004 SEDG 2004

L.P. Gas Use Facilities Design and Construction.

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Dictum in NOM-013 SEDG 2002

Evaluation of thicknesses by ultrasonic measurement using the pulse-echo method, for the verification of non-portable type containers to contain L.P. Gas, in use.

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